Sharing the Gospel With Your Friends

Jesus has asked us to GO and tell others about Him… but how?! Come discover practical ways to share Christ with your friends.  

Communication and Conflict

Conflict is a part of daily life. But managing conflict is not easy – it requires self-awareness, solid communication skills and the motivation to resolve uncomfortable situations. This workshop will give you the tools to successfully communicate and productively manage difficult conversations. 

The Purpose Driven Intern

Whether you’re hiring an intern this summer, are a church intern, or are looking to be a stronger volunteer this workshop is for you! You will leave with take-home resources to help make your intern experience purposeful.

The Five W's

Come gain an understanding of why it is necessary to have a Plan to Protect policy and the importance of following it. This workshop is an informative session for anybody involved in the church.

Understanding Transgender

What is transgender? How should the church respond to transgender people? Learn how you can show love and care to those in the transgender community. 

Read. Pray. Love. 

Our lives, churches and communities have the ability to be transformed when we spend more time in the Word. Come discover ways to make your Bible reading more meaningful and how it can change your life, church, and ministry group.  All participants will leave with a Bible Guide

Bubble Soccer for Outreach

Perfect for pre-teens, youth, and adult events, bubble soccer is an excellent way to reach your community for Christ. Participation optional. Those participating must sign a waiver of consent. Ages 17 and under must have consent signed by a parent/guardian. 

Bubble Soccer for Team Building

Discover how giant bubbles can help strengthen your youth group, church board, and ministry volunteers. Participation optional. Those participating must sign a waiver of consent. Ages 17 and under must have consent signed by a parent/guardian.